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Start of Sound and Video Science Course

Due to the retirement of the predecessor Jun'ichiro Toriwaki, Hiroshi Murase transferred to the Nagoya University and became the professor of the course.

Yoshito Mekada remained as the assistant professor.

  • Apr. 2003

Arrival of Ichiro Ide

Transferred from the Graduate University for Advanced Studies and became the associate professor of the course.

  • Apr. 2004

Arrival of Takatsugu Hirayama

Transferred from Mase Lab. of the same university, and became the program-specific associate professor.

  • Apr. 2014

Arrival of Yasutomo Kawanishi

After being a researcher at Kyoto University, he became the program-specific assistant professor (currently is an assistant professor).

  • Oct. 2014

Arrival of Naoki Akai

After being a program-specific assistant professor at Nagoya University Institute of Innovation for Future Society, he became the program-specific assistant professor.

  • Apr. 2019

Transfer of Ichiro Ide

Transferred to the Mathematical & Data Science Center at Nagoya University as a professor.

  • Jan. 2020

Transfer of Daisuke Deguchi

Transferred to the Dept. of Intelligent System, Graduate School of Informatics, Nagoya University Graduate School as an associate professor.

  • Jan. 2020

Transfer of Naoki Akai

Transferred to the Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Nagoya University as an assistant professor.

  • Oct. 2020

We research on various themes using video and images.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

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